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Gush Shalom


Beyond all the diplomatic games around the cease-fire, a basic truth remains unchanged:

There can be no end to the violence when the settlements continue to grow. The settlements are an attack on the very existence of the Palestinian people on its land.

Therefore: We demand the immediate termination of all building activity in the settlements, including by-pass roads and strongholds. The Israeli-Palestinian peace can come about only after the evacuation of all the settlements and the return of all the settlers to Israel.

All the public opinion polls prove that a great majority of the Israeli public – including even the young people in the settlements themselves – understand that there is no other way.

Why wait? Why postpone? Why waste time?

At this short notice an effort is made to get together a contingent of Israeli peace activists to participate in a joint protest with the inhabitants of El-Khader Village, just south of Bethlehem. The invitation to the protest of  the takeover of village lands by the Efrat settlers, was given yesterday to a delegation visiting the protest tent which the El-Khader people erected. The joint protest is planned for this Friday (June 15) 1.30 PM .

As you may know, settlers have seized a considerable piece of El-Khader land and put mobile homes on it. This is completely illegal even under Israeli military law, (to say nothing of International Law) but so far the government did nothing to evict them. On the contrary, a whole company of IDF soldiers was stationed there - as usual, to protect the settlers.

The El-Khader villagers plan to hold Friday noon a prayer at the tent which is at the bottom of the hill. Then, at about 1.30 PM, they are going to march towards the settler-held hilltop. In this they ask Israeli supporters of peace to join them. The plan is to stop where the army tells us to stop and there hold a non-violent protest rally, and in no way provoke a confrontation - which is no guarantee that a confrontation will not, in fact, occur. We also have to warn you in advance that getting there involves climbing a quite steep hill. With all that, we feel that the inhabitants of El-Khader deserve our solidarity, and we ask any of you who can, to take the time and make the effort.

The joint action is sponsored by a coalition of anti-occupation groups - Gush Shalom, Women's Coalition for a Just Peace, Ta'ayush, Alternative Information Center, Rabbis for Human Rights, Committee Against House Demolitions, Reut/Sadaka, International Solidarity, The Campus is not Silent - a lot of names but that is worth nothing if you don't come. For this kind of action we need everybody who can make it.

Transportation: A bus will leave at 11.30 AM from Arlozorov St. Railway Station, Tel-Aviv (confirm in advance to Gush Shalom office: 03-5221732); at 12:45  from Liberty Bell (Gan Ha'pamon) Parking Lot, Jerusalem (confirm to Sergio:  02-6241159 or 051-921696).

See you on Friday!

Gush Shalom,
Help us with donations to P.O.Box 3322, 
Tel-Aviv 61033, Phone 972-3-5221732.



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